Beyond the Oath

Jul 27


Today I leave for two weeks of field/flight surgery/dive training in Florida. I’m pretty pumped about it. But of course Alan woke up this morning feeling particularly ill. Feverish and coughing and saying he feels like crap.

Now I have to worry about him while I’m gone, and also worry that I don’t spend the next two weeks also particularly ill. I do not like flying with a head cold and clogged up ears. I will not like flight training with a head cold and clogged up ears. 

Hoping the best!

Jul 26


Anonymous said: I was on SDN today and I found this post about a guy with REALLY AWESOME EC's who believes that they are not enough, and I can't help but ask myself. If this guy (and others commenting on his post) don't think he has a good chance getting into med school with his EC's, what chance will I get? I mean my EC's are like 5% what he is doing and he think that his EC's are not enough. I'm just so tired, whats wrong with doing 3 EC's and having decent stats, why is this no enough for med schools?



Dear, sweet, greyface. Do not fret your pretty little head over this.

This guy’s problem is not his extracurriculars. His problem is that he has spent entirely too much time on Student Doctor Network. 

You’re doing fine. It’s not the number of experiences in your application that matter— it’s the quality of those experiences. Stop comparing your application to everyone else’s, and for heaven’s sake, stop perusing SDN. 

student doctor network

^^The only time Guy Fieri has ever made anything better.

Cycling report

I competed in my home MTB race this past weekend and placed 12th in my age group and 72nd in category. I was very pleased with that result, especially because I took 13 minutes off my time from last year.

Next weekend, I will be competing in my penultimate race for the season, I think. I have had a good year on the bike so far and I hope that I can maintain that. I have been fortunate enough to have a rotation that allows me the ability to ride during the weekends. I can only hope next year is similar. If it is, I may try racing for a team. I have consistently gotten stronger and I have improved unbelievably from two years ago when I first got back on the bike.

The biggest thing I can do for myself, I think, is use a trainer more in the coming off-season than I did this past. I will get more base miles in the books and have less to rebuild come next spring.

But right now, I have a few months left to ride this season. I hope I can maximize what remains when I get into the depths of some of my rotations.

It has been an excellent year overall. I have grown closer to a lot of people, including my brother. I have had more races than before, including a duathlon (although I haven’t run since). Cycling is a lifestyle that has the tendency to consume your life if you let it. I dove in headfirst and I don’t regret it.

I have a the beta of OS X Yosemite

It is interesting. I really like it so far.


ghostnineone replied to your post“What is the principle difference (in training and practice) between DO and MD? Thanks!”
Are osteopathic manipulations similar to chiropractic ones?

Yes and no.

Both chiropractors and osteopaths use some of the same techniques, but there are also a number of techniques unique to each field.

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