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Apr 15

Anonymous asked: Wait, why don't you like GOT?


The main reason why I don’t like GOT? I don’t care about any of the characters and none of the characters caught my attention, mostly because they aren’t very interesting to me. Oh look! Fiery girl who wants to learn to fight with the sword and is against marrying and stuff! I’ve never seen that before in a story! Oh look! Do-gooder father! Oh look! Annoying royals who do stupid things! Oh look! Impudent youths who have to be put down and in their place! Oh boy! Tons of not over-used tropes! Durr… 
It also moves really slow. I have issues with shows with a lot of characters because none of the characters are developed well (yes yes, “wait til third season,” I was told. And no, no way I can wait that long for something to FINALLY get interesting), I can’t tell people apart, I forget who people are or what they’ve been doing…
It always boils down to the fact that there’s a finite amount of time in an episode and you have to show what most/all of them are doing because someone deemed them important to the plot somehow and if you don’t show them, the viewers are going to forget about them. So, lots of characters plus short 5-10 minute segments on all of them equals slow moving plot/story. I told my friend this, and she told me, “What do you mean?! Did you see how many people died?!” Yes yes, lots of characters I don’t care about died. How nice. You know though, killing people doesn’t move a plot, especially when you kill a ton of background characters with no names. 

I also call BS on the death scene of dragon girl’s brother. Please, PURE gold melts at 2000 F. There’s no way that tiny fire was hot enough ESPECIALLY after that guy poured the soup/water ON that fire! I objected immediately after that scene and my other friend said that maybe it was pure gold? Nope no no. No way that gold gonna melt to make the “golden crown”. 

The only reason why I was able to sit through 5-6 episodes of GOT was because I had my phone/tumblr and alcohol… but as soon as my phone died, I was doing the same. In fact, the only part that rang with me was when Sansa said, “Oh wait. I just realized… I don’t care.” YES. MY SENTIMENTS EXACTLY ABOUT THE WHOLE SHOW. THANK YOU FOR SUMMING THAT UP. 

Maybe I’ll try reading/skimming the books instead. Perhaps I would be more interested in GOT. Perhaps not. 

Finally someone has the courage to say it. I’m not a fan of GOT because I DON’T HAVE TO BE A FAN OF GOT!!!!



Bone MTS


Bone MTS

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Apr 14





List of worst cities in the world

  1. Monroeville, Liberia
  2. Ciudad Juarez, Mexico
  3. Tegucigalpa, Honduras
  4. St Louis, Missouri

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