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The stories, advice and random thoughts of a third year osteopathic medical student as he fumbles his way toward becoming a competent physician.

This week could not have gotten off to a better start

I participated in the MS Walk yesterday morning and then completed an 11-mile mtb ride in the afternoon.

I had a neuro exam this morning and I rocked it. I have been on fire in that class as of late. Everything seems to have started to click, which is nice. We have a case examination coming up next monday which serves as our final, and I have been doing really well on the case quizzes all quarter. This whole week is dedicated to going through some to serve as a review, and I’ve gotten perfect scores on all 3 of the ones that have been made available to us. Only one more left to go!

There are 10 days left until we take our last final exam. I have 3 quizzes (one each in neuro, physio and OMM), 5 exams and 1 OSCE remaining of my first year. It’s absolutely amazing how quickly the time has passed.

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